NSPA Leadership Visits Southern Operational Centre

15 May 2019

NSPA General Manager, Peter Dohmen, and Director of Operations, Orhan Muratli, visited NSPA’s Southern Operational Centre (SOC) in Taranto, Italy. As the centre of expertise for deployable camps and the focal point for assisting nations in acquiring deployable facilities, systems and vehicles, the SOC plays a crucial role in supporting NATO and nations to deploy rapidly and effectively.

Over the past year, SOC has increased its support for the NATO Resolution Support Mission in Afghanistan, including through replacing vehicles and major equipment. Furthermore, SOC is enabling Allied Command Operations in the execution of Exercise Steadfast Fortitude I with the provision of infrastructure such as vehicle scanners and laundry facilities.

SOC also supports many nations in meeting their operational requirements. For example, Slovakia requested SOC to acquire for them deployable containers and tents, and Belgium has tasked SOC with the storage and maintenance of some of its logistic expeditionary assets.

“The Southern Operational Centre is critical to NSPA providing modern and efficient solutions to the operational challenges NATO and nations are facing today. SOC is rising to the challenge of the rapidly growing demand for deployable camp infrastructure through procuring appropriate capability packages to support initiatives such as the NATO Response Force. Through their efforts they are significantly contributing to NSPA being recognised as NATO’s prime infrastructure support provider,” Mr Dohmen stated.