NSPA hosts UK Industry Day

18 September 2018

Over 60 representatives from the UK industry visited NSPA last Thursday (13 September 2018) for the United Kingdom Industry Day.

Speaking ahead of the Day, NSPA Chief of Staff Paul Hammond said industry days are a great opportunity for companies to learn about the role of the Agency and the business opportunities it offers. “There are numerous benefits of such meetings: companies may demonstrate their latest products and services to NSPA, they can register in the NSPA Source File and acquire information about NSPA Procurement processes”, he said.

The UK Industry Day was organized by the NSPA Procurement Directorate in cooperation with the NSPA UK Liaison Officer Lorraine Rollinson with the support of the British Embassy in Luxembourg, as well as the Department for International Trade of the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence.

The event was marked by the presence of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Luxembourg John Marshall who expressed his gratitude to NSPA management, Procurement Directorate and programmes’ representatives for their professionalism and dedication to the event.

Among other distinguished guests were Air Cdre Richard Hill from the UK Ministry of Defence and Col. James Phillips, Defence Attaché to Benelux as well as representatives of the British Embassies in Luxembourg, Brussels and The Hague.

In NSPA’s Director of Procurement- Patrick Fesquet’s closing remarks he commented “You have learnt a lot about the NSPA today. You have met over 30 programmes’ representatives and the Source File Chief. The agenda of the UK Industry Day was very engaging. Remember, however, that NSPA procurement team is there for you at all times, ready to address your questions or dispel doubts”.