OLSP Committee Meeting fosters logistics solutions for nations

08 November 2017

NSPA’s Operational Logistics Support Partnership Committee (OLSPC) held its biannual meeting recently to plan activities relevant to the partnership and share updates.

National representatives from 18 of the 19 OLSP nations and two observer nations (USA and Poland) met most recently from 30 Oct – 1 Nov in Prague, Czech Republic. “This forum is critical to ensure a detailed exchange of operational logistics information and offers the nations a regular opportunity to share with each other and to identify their problems to NSPA.  More importantly, this Partnership provides a unique opportunity for Nations to work with NSPA in creating multi-national logistics solutions to real-world operational problems.” highlighted Mr. Jim Shields, Programme Manager for NSPA’s Operational Logistics, Planning and Support Programme, The meeting also serves as an active forum for nations to exchange views, best practices and information related to future plans. 

Mr. Orhan Muratli, NSPA’s Deputy Director of Logistics, took the opportunity to update the committee members on the planned restructuring in 2018 of NSPA’s Logistics Operations Directorate.  Additionally, Mr. Peter Cockerton, Chief of the Procurement Division, briefed the group on NSPA Procurement Policies and Procedures and provided participants with a detailed overview of the Agency’s international competitive bidding practices.