NSPA hosts conference for NATO’s EFP nations

18 January 2017

At the Warsaw Summit NATO nations agreed to the concept of enhanced forward presence (eFP) which will see the permanent stationing of NATO ground forces on a rotational basis in the Baltic states and Poland starting this year.  NSPA sees this as an opportunity to help nations both with their eFP logistic support requirements and more broadly with the increased logistics challenges posed by NATO’s renewed emphasis on Deterrence and Defence. 

NATO’s Logistics Committee then tasked NSPA with running a conference to explore nations’ requirements.  Almost 50 attendees from nations and NATO HQs came to Capellen last week to discuss eFP logistic support.  They represented NATO HQ, SHAPE, JFC Brunssum, Multinational Corps North East, the eFP framework nations, UK, Canada, Germany, and USA as well as the host nations, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.  Also attending were the NATO Force Integration Units who have an important part to play in the reception and onward movement of troops flowing into those host nations.  Denmark was also represented in their role as Chair of the Operational Logistic Support Partnership. 

The conference was supported by logistic, procurement and legal staff from across the Agency.   It proved to be an excellent forum to share situational awareness, to update each other on planning and to consider where NSPA can assist the nations.  The supply of fuel was one particular area of great interest but there are also opportunities in transport, Real Life Support, supply of engineer materiel and other areas.    The US lead delegate echoed the views of attendees when he stated that the conference was ‘an awesome opportunity for information exchange’.