NSPA hosts Canadian industry and diplomatic delegation

16 March 2016

NSPA hosted more than 40 representatives of Canadian Industry last week along with a delegation from the Government of Canada and the Embassy of Canada for Belgium and Luxembourg. The aim of the visit was to inform Canadian companies of the numerous business opportunities available within NSPA and introduce Canadian Industry to NSPA executives and experts. 

During the full-day programme the visitors had an opportunity to learn about the role, vision and mission of the Agency, its organizational design and planning framework. A general orientation briefing was followed by a presentation on procurement principles with an emphasis on registration process and business opportunities. An overview on NSPA logistics operations and opportunities from NATO, with a profile description of major NSPA programs and projects was also provided. The afternoon session included business-to-business meetings with technicians and procurement officers from Agency programmes. 

The Industry Day was organized by Procurement Directorate in cooperation with NATO Communications and Information Agency and it was part of a three-day visit of Canadian Industry to NATO Headquarters and major NATO Agencies.