NSPA GM visits NAM Programme

29 October 2014

The General Manager visited the NATO Airlift Management (NAM) Programme offices at Pápa Air Base, Hungary, this week and was warmly welcomed by Mr Wiek Noldus, the NAM Programme Manager.   After introductions by Mr Noldus, the GM was provided with updates on the latest achievements within the Wing Support Management (WISM) and Weapon Systems Management (WSM) divisions within the NAM Programme.

Within the WISM division many improvements are being introduced regarding the improvements of quality of life for the international community in Pápa. WISM is currently finalizing implementing the Family Support Plan. Recently cooperation was established with the Military Hospital in Budapest (the best medical care available in Hungary for staff).  A copy of the new Newcomers Guide which includes an overview of all the developments was provided to Mr Lyden.

The WSM division is responsible for availability of the C-17 weapon system and is also managing the Depot Level Maintenance for the aircraft. At this moment the second aircraft is undergoing its five yearly depot maintenance. The WSM division also recently adjusted the training programme for the air crews of the Heavy Airlift Wing (the operator of the C-17 aircraft). Starting January 2015, the crews will use a C-17 simulator in the UK instead of the US which will reduce both travel time and cost.  Furthermore, the NAM Life Cycle Cost (LCC) model was introduced to the GM to outline the continued search for savings.  

Mr Lyden was also updated on the high profile project regarding the Infrastructure Development. The plan is for the C-17 size hangar and the new NAM and HAW offices to be fully operational in 2017. In order to assure support of the new buildings a new project developing the Facility Management Plan was started. These projects are successful also with the help of other parts of NSPA, like the IT team and Operations Support team. During a base tour the actual progress at the development sites was shown. The tour was followed by meetings with representatives of the two main partners of the NAM Programme in Hungary: the Heavy Airlift Wing and Pápa Air Base. During these consultations the cooperation and interaction between the different entities at the base were discussed. The GM was also briefed on the potential for the Pápa Air Base to develop into a trans-shipment hub.

At the conclusion of the visit, Mr Lyden expressed his appreciation with the progress made in numerous areas and with the improving cooperation at Pápa Airbase and between the NSPA Pápa and Capellen offices. Mr Noldus concluded the visit was very much appreciated and underlined the importance to keep the course that has been set.