JFC Naples Considers Deployable Camp Capability

06 November 2013

NSPA’s Southern Operational Centre (SOC) hosted a delegation from NATO Joint Force Command (JFC) Naples, led by Brigadier General (BG) Damian Florinel (ROU-A) in his capacity as the Director of Management. The visiting delegation also included subject matter experts from the ‘Base Support Group’ planning and support staff.

The purpose of the visit on Tuesday, October 22nd was to initiate debate and coordination, in the context of operational planning considerations for 2014 and beyond for JFC Naples, and to provide visitors with a comprehensive briefing on the deployable camps which form Capability Package 5A0156 (CP156). The briefing was followed by a lengthy question and answer session, a walk through a static show of CP156 assets and a site visit to SOC operating and warehousing areas.

For the majority of BG Florinel’s team, this was their first introduction to CP156 and many were impressed with the quality of the materiel and the complexity of both the systems as well as the engineering skills required to operate and maintain the deployable camps in the field. The deployed support available from the SOC team was well-noted by one of the visitors. “We are very happy to hear that we will be supported, at all stages, by a team of technicians from the SOC”, explained Senior Master Sergeant Fredy RAMIREZ.

At the conclusion of the visit, BG Florinel expressed his appreciation to SOC Commander, Mr. Renato Lepore, stating that the visit had been highly beneficial. As a gesture of appreciation to the SOC and in recognition of the JFC Naples visit, a plaque from JFC Naples was also presented to the SOC Commander.