Laundry services provided by NSPA

07 August 2013

The provision of laundry services is one of the numerous services being provided by LO in Afghanistan.  This important service has been provided in Afghanistan since 2007 and since that time 11,000,000 bags of laundry have been washed by NSPA contractors.

In its continual efforts to support the changing mission, LO has recently put into place a Theatre-Wide Contract and in July, two bases, the New Kabul Compound and the Bala Hasar base also located in the City of Kabul, were added.

Not only has the contract expanded the number of bases that are being supported, but there has also been a number of improvements made to the services provided by the contractor.  These changes include the embedding of a RFID tag into each bag and the implementation of a web-based tracking application that utilizes the RFID information.  This system provides LO and its customer with real time, automated tracking for each bag being washed while providing a full range of information such as the number of bags washed by nation, unit or individual.  It also assists LO in its contractor’s performance monitoring as it provides real time data on the length of time required to wash the laundry, a Key Performance Indicator.