2013 ACT Medical Industry Days at NSPA

09 April 2013

On 14 and 15 March 2013, the NSPA Logistic Operations - Development LO-D section of the Operational Logistics Support Programme (LO) hosted the 2013 ACT Medical Industry Days workshop at Capellen.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • explore how contracted support could help mitigate operational military medical capability shortfalls whilst sustaining core military operational medical capabilities;
  • consider potential frameworks through which medical support could be contracted
  • provide information to industry allowing them to better identify and articulate how industry can more effectively support NATO medical operations.

Medical representatives from the Allied Command Transformation, Allied Command Operations, representatives from 36 companies on the NSPA Source List, NSPA Liaisons Officers from 6 nations and Logistic Operations Development (LO-D) Contracting and Technical Officers were in attendance.

The participants were divided into three groups addressing a range of objectives associated with contracted support from industry and regrouped in a plenary discussion forum at the end of each day. The workshop was a great success; participants identified multiple common points of interest, formulated many questions and suggested potential courses of action.

Representatives opined that this event should recur yearly because of its high return in value for all involved in the domain of medical support to the Armed Forces.