NSPA Inauguration Ceremony at the CEPS Programme Office

09 July 2012

Following the inaugural ceremony held in Capellen, Luxembourg, on 2 July 2012, the stand-up of the new NATO Support Agency was also addressed and celebrated in the Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS) Programme Office located in Versailles, France, on 9 July 2012.

In his welcome address, the CEPS Programme Manager, Mr. Fledderus, stated that a page had been turned in the 60-year-long history of the CEPS, but that the mission remains unchanged: transport and storage of fuel.

As part of the NSPA, the CEPS Programme Office will continue to perform its mission in an efficient way, and also contribute to the creation of synergies, the review of best practices, the expansion of its capabilities portfolio and, last but not least, the reduction of costs. It is the CEPS Programme Manager’s intention to create a "Smart CEPS" within Smart Support.

In his address, the NSPA General Manager, Mr. Lyden, expressed his pleasure on visiting the CEPS Programme Office again and paid tribute to CEPS’s achievements throughout its existence. The establishment of the NSPA represents a true milestone for NATO as part of its new approach to Smart Defence. The NSPA will build the foundation for expanding capabilities at a best value price. There is a tremendous potential to add value, and more value will make the Agency more pertinent in the future, with the primary objective to become NATO’s Premier Support Provider. In that respect, Mr. Lyden praised the CEPS for its commitment to the NATO-led Unified Protector Operation in Libya.

NSPA General Manager, with Mrs Françoise Laillé, Head Support Services

To conclude, Mr. Lyden expressed his appreciation to the CEPS for its past and present contributions and was confident that the CEPS will demonstrate once again its reliability as a key asset in support of NATO future operations and will help take up challenges ahead of the NSPA.

A short Questions & Answers session took place before Mr. Lyden unveiled the name plate at the entrance gate of the CEPS Programme Office.