NSPA’s primary customers are the 28 NSPO nations, more particularly the individual and joint materiel commands of their armed services. Other customers are NATO Military Authorities (such as SHAPE), NATO Agencies and other multinational armaments organizations (such as OCCAR, the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation). The insert lists current NSPA customers.

In addition, Partnership for Peace (PfP) nations can also be customers, provided they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NSPO.

In most cases, nations form Support Partnerships (SPs) or Support Conferences (SCs) to support, through NSPA, equipment owned by the participating nations. Through these formal associations, the users in each nation can request NSPA’s services, usually by means of requisitions for goods and services. Many of the NSPO nations are permanently represented at NSPA by Country Liaison Officers (CLOs) who assist their national offices in dealings with the various NSPA Programme Management Offices (PMOs).

Alternatively, a nation may request services directly from NSPA. This can be done either by using the Random Brokerage service or by establishing a specific Sales Agreement or Service Level Agreement with NSPA.

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