NSPA’s Headquarters and main centre of operations is in Capellen, Luxembourg. NSPA employs some 1,200 personnel in different operational centres located in Luxembourg, France, Hungary and Italy.

Many of these personnel are multilingual, speaking other languages besides the two official NATO languages. Professional personnel are employed on a variety of tasks, such as logistics, international procurement, computer programming, administration, engineering, translating, technical writing, warehouse activities, financial transactions and codification. The Agency recruits only nationals from the NATO member countries and aims to maintain an equitable geographical distribution of staff members based on the financial contributions of their respective member countries to the Agency. Employees are all on contract to NATO and become international civil servants for the duration of their stay.

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There are NSPA staff based at a number of other locations, including:

  • NAEW - Geilenkirchen, Germany
  • NPC - Glons, Belgium
  • SHAPE - Mons, Belgium
  • Baltimore, USA
  • Wright-Patterson AFB, USA
  • Kabul, Afghanistan
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