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Jun 5 2022

World Environment Day 2022: NSPA Clean Energy Endeavor

LUXEMBOURG - Since 1974, World Environment Day has been celebrated around the globe on 5 June. The day engages governments, organizations and citizens in an effort to raise awareness on environmental issues. The Alliance has also answered this call to action. NATO is adapting to become more resilient in response to the security challenges posed by climate change.

Global warming and related natural disasters are, among others, threat multipliers that affect NATO security, operations and missions. Against this backdrop, last year the Alliance leaders endorsed NATO's Climate Change and Security Agenda, as well as the corresponding Action Plan, in order to raise awareness, mitigate threats and adapt to climate change, while enhancing outreach towards other stakeholders.

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has been supporting the Alliance and Nations' journey towards environmental sustainability for more than a decade, envisioning NSPA's evolution towards an environmentally responsible Agency that customers choose to acquire sustainable, cutting-edge capabilities that feature clean energy solutions.

Photovoltaic and solar panels installation, energy reduction applications including power management systems, environmental protection (e.g. water treatment systems) assets installations in both fixed and deployable assets, providing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), environmentally responsible disposal of military assets and energy audits at NSPA sites are only some of the activities the Agency has been performing. Climate change is at the heart of all life cycle stages; Concept, Development, Production, Utilisation, Support and Retirement of operational requirements and capabilities.

In addition, to support NATO's current approach to Climate Change and NATO 2030 Agenda ambitions, the Agency has identified Clean Energy (renewable, zero emission sources, and energy saved by energy efficiency measures) as one of its strategic objectives. To that end, in November 2021, NSPA established a NSPA Clean Energy Working Group, to ensure coherence and unity of effort in this area.

As part of the recent group activities, the Agency calculated its greenhouse gas emissions, with a view to identify the most intense energy uses, explore opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint and contribute to the corresponding action across NATO, as foreseen in the NATO Climate Change and Security Action Plan.

A Clean Energy Industry Day is planned during the first semester of 2023 to demonstrate clean energy features for military applications and to raise environmental awareness of NSPA customers and various NATO bodies.

NSPA aspires to be an environmentally responsible Agency that customers choose to acquire sustainable, cutting-edge capabilities that feature Clean Energy solutions.

Story by NATO Support and Procurement Agency

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