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Jan 26 2022

NSPA delivers first high tech treatment centre to Italy

LUXEMBOURG - The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has completed the delivery of the first Modular Biocontainment Complex to the Italian Armed Forces in Cecchignola Military Compound, Rome. This high tech medical treatment centre is part of a series of field hospitals requested to NSPA to augment and modernise Italy's military field equipment.

Exterior and interior of the new Modular Biocontainment Complex. Cecchignola, Rome.

The new Modular Biocontainment Complex is composed by eight ISO containers interconnected and conceived to be deployed on different type of terrains. The system is conceived to treat patients affected by infectious agents up to Biosafety Level #3 (BSL-3). Each complex will be able to accommodate up to four independent isolation modules, one patient each module, with monitors, dedicated toilet and suitable for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) treatments.

To date, NSPA Engineering team has delivered four Role 2 Basic hospitals to the Italian Army in Rome, Naples, Turin and Milan areas. A second Modular Biocontainment Complex is scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks in Turin. All the hospital facilities were delivered thanks to a close collaboration between NSPA, the Italian Land Armaments Directorate and the IV Logistic Department of the Italian Army General Staff. The four facilities are already operational and in use by the Italian Army.

NSPA delivers first high tech treatment centre to Italy

The ROLE 2 medical treatment facilities are modular structures based on interconnected containerised shelters and tents, divided into Triage, Emergency Room, Radiology and Echography Room, Surgery Room with Sterilization and Auxiliary units, Surgical Ward, Analysis Laboratory, a Pharmacy with its Warehouse, and other auxiliary functions.

The contract for the provision of the Role 2B hospitals was awarded to the Italian company RI Group, after an international competitive bidding launched by NSPA.

Story by NATO Support and Procurement Agency

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