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Jun 5 2019

New Support Partnership at NSPA

Recently, the newest of NSPA's 32 Support Partnerships – The BOXER Support Partnership – held its first Committee meeting at NSPA.

NSPA manages Support Partnerships on behalf of nations aimed at providing the members with logistics support, ranging from the initial concept phase, through to in-service support and the retirement of the systems. Support Partnerships are a unique feature of NSPA's services, providing a proven legal framework supporting multinational cooperation. Nations provide governance to the Agency, whereas NSPA provides the requested support.

The BOXER project was established in 2013 under the Land Combat Vehicles Support Partnership (SP). In 2018, to better cope with future challenges, the nations agreed to create a standalone Support Partnership for BOXER (a modular, 8x8, multi-role armoured vehicle with outstanding levels of protection and mobility).

New Support Partnership at NSPA

There are currently more than 500 BOXER vehicles in service amongst the three user nations in 14 different variants. 2,000 additional vehicles are anticipated as current user nations expand their fleets and new nations may join the project.

NSPA has been providing in-service support to the German and Dutch BOXER fleets since 2013 and is proud to be considered the centre of excellence for the key areas of Life Cycle Management and Integrated Logistics Support for these vehicles.

Additionally, the Agency manages and maintains the central direct exchange and national stocks, and performs brokerage activities for all current BOXER user nations.

Recently, Lithuania joined the Partnership, bringing the total number of member nations to three, with at least two others are considering joining in the near future.

The inaugural BOXER SP Committee meeting was attended by the three member nations together with Australia and the United Kingdom participating as observer nations.

The Boxer SP Committee will meet twice a year and the next meeting is planned in September 2019.

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