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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a COVID vaccination mandatory to be employed by NSPA?

Yes it is mandatory to be fully vaccinated at the time of receiving the offer of employment. No offer of employment shall be made to candidates who refuse, without a valid reason, to be vaccinated. This restriction shall also apply to serving staff requesting transfers or being offered promotions.


I have a medical condition and I have exemption from the COVID vaccination can I still work at NSPA?

Yes. Members of personnel who are required to be fully vaccinated, but cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons shall submit to the Agency's Medical Advisor a medical certificate. The NSPA Medical Advisor shall have the authority to determine whether the request for an exemption is medically justified and to recommend to the General Manager appropriate measures.


Internal mobility

Applications (for a promotion and/or a transfer) from new staff members for NSPA will only be considered after they have served a minimum of 3 years in their current position (deviation from this rule can occur if in the interest of the Agency or in case of difficulties to recruit qualified and suitable staff).


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