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How to apply? Important information

Please be aware that you need time to complete the first application process however: 

  • Your personal details will be kept for your future applications(s) 
  • You will be able to edit and/or update your data before the deadline of the publication therefore you can initially only complete the mandatory fields in your application.
All your data will be lost if:
  • You do not finish the application process. 
  • You switch between the language options - you should start and finish the application process in the same language. 
  • You cannot upload the required mandatory documents – please ensure to have an electronic copy available of your diploma(s), your CV, a cover letter and any other documents. 
  • You cannot provide your Skype address (except for NSPA staff members) – please ensure to create your Skype account beforehand.
When answering the job related questions, please note that expressions such as: "please see attachment", "annex", "enclosed document", "CV", or short answers as "yes", "no" etc., are not accepted. Applications which do not fulfill the above mentioned prerequisites will not be processed.

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