Corporate Information System

NSPA’s corporate information system is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system based on SAP ECC 6. The ERP system is the backbone of the IS application architecture and integrates the financial, logistics, procurement and human resources (HR) components on a uniform platform.

Business-centric Information Systems services supporting NSPA

NSPA’s computing and infrastructure architecture is composed of local and wide area networks, communications, security and office automation components. The costs of the IS developments and services are distributed between their users via Service Level Agreements (SLAs) providing transparency and traceability.

Twenty-two core business processes cover NSPA’s complete range of supply, maintenance, warehousing and transportation activities as well as those of procurement, finance and HR management. The processes are fully integrated and support NSPA’s activities from the beginning (receipt of requisitions) to the end (customer invoicing).

NSPA’s business and operations depend heavily on its IS capabilities, performance and availability. The NSPA Information Systems Master Plan (NISMP) establishes and constantly updates the Agency’s IS strategies, policies and architecture as well as long term IS developments and investments. Continuous improvements allow NSPA’s information systems and support structure to adapt to constantly evolving environmental and business requirements.

The Agency’s information system covers a large range of applications extending more and more to its business partners and uses the Internet infrastructure in addition to dedicated and secure communications links. These applications cater in particular for the NSPA Business Application Portal (ePortal), the NATO Logistics Stock Exchange (NLSE) incorporating Electronic Bidding (eBid), ASD Spec 2000M IS support and NATO Depot and Support System (NDSS).

NSPA is in the process of optimising and extending its IS resources and capabilities through the implementation of an Enterprise Architecture federating the development of an Enterprise Application Integration platform including eBusiness integration and implementation of a Business Intelligence environment.

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electronic Customer Information System

The NSPA electronic Customer Information System (eCIS) is a web-based application allowing customers easy information exchange with NSPA.

Using eCIS, customers can access the online NSPA requisition management system through the Internet and:

  • requisition materiel
  • place repair requests
  • receive status information
  • generate reports

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