NSPA obtains the goods and services necessary to meet its customers’ requirements from contractors located in any of the NSPO nations.

Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

In some instances, NSPA uses services provided by military organizations within the NSPO member states. In particular cases, NSPA can use suppliers from a PfP nation.

Goods and services are, in principle, procured through an international competitive bidding process, in compliance with NSPO’s Procurement Regulations. Exceptionally, the bidding process may be conducted under the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP) Procedures for International Competitive Bidding or the Bi-Strategic Command (Bi-SC) Procurement Directive.

Firms interested in becoming a NSPA supplier should examine NSPA's list of Systems & Equipment supported to see whether they are in a position to provide appropriate goods and services. Prior to being invited to tender, companies must be registered in NSPA's Source File.

NSPA provides potential suppliers with advance information about business opportunities for which Requests for Proposal may be issued in the near future.

NSPA also publishes most of its Requests For Proposals openly to allow qualified firms to quote.

The eBid system is part of the Agency’s electronic business tools. It displays current Requests for Proposal and allows qualified firms to quote on-line in a secure environment.

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Warning to Suppliers

NSPA Policy on Gifts and Gratuities

NSPA Operating Instruction 4400-11 “NSPA Integrity and Ethics Policy” prohibits NSPA Staff Members from accepting any gift in cash or kind, or favours of any sort, including meals, from any external source doing business with, or seeking to do business with NSPA that exceeds a retail value of 30 EUR. Any items other than symbolic gifts or tokens of small value (e.g. pens, note pads, key rings, souvenir coins, etc.) must be reported and may not be retained by the staff member.

All commercial entities doing business, or seeking to do business with, NSPA are reminded of these strict limitations and are expected to respect them in all dealings with NSPA employees

Sponsoring and Advertising

Occasionally, some unscrupulous organizations/individuals address NSPA’s suppliers, invoking the Agency’s name, and solicit monetary contributions, to be paid to them (e.g. requesting payment for advertising to be made in a so-called "NSPA-sponsored" brochure).

Please be aware that NSPA does not approach customers or suppliers with sponsoring or advertising requests.

Should any supplier be approached by any individual, company or organization requesting money, sponsorship, or other favours on behalf of NSPA, they should immediately report the fact to NSPA’s

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