Supply Services

NSPA's supply services cater for initial provisioning and follow-on support.

A NSPA warehouseman checking bar-codes. Photo: NSPA

Initial Provisioning

Initial provisioning involves the selection, procurement and delivery of spare parts for the support of new systems and equipment. NSPA uses a number of mathematical models and computer programmes to assist in determining initial provisioning quantities.

NSPA can offer the following services to customers:

  • assisting in the establishment of logistics requirements for new equipment;
  • obtaining relevant reliability and maintainability data when preliminary design is established;
  • determining whether items are critical or non-critical in the light of budget limitations;
  • finalizing logistics support concepts at critical design review by running selection models and establishing final spares requirements in terms of quantities and locations;
  • reviewing materiel movements to confirm that logistics support requirements will be met.

Follow-on Support

Follow-on support satisfies customer materiel requirements. It includes:

  • filling customer materiel requisitions from NSPA stock holdings or making alternative arrangements;
  • replenishing stocks in accordance with authorized levels (procurement);
  • establishing Authorized Stock Lists;
  • establishing Site Allowance Lists;
  • maintaining stock level details in stock management databases.

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