Stock Management and Warehousing

Storage operations at one of NSPA's warehouses. Photo: NSPA

Stocks of spare parts are held by NSPA for its customers at its main site in Capellen (Luxembourg) to support certain weapon systems. A small fee is charged for this depending on quantities and turnover. Stocks consist of items needed for routine repairs or direct exchange items – which are issued when another item of the same type is returned for refurbishment or maintenance. Test equipment is also held. Stocks also include suitable substitute items and special parts for the modification, renewal or extension of the life of operational equipment.

NSPA's stock management system permits quick identification of the correct item using NATO Stock Numbers or other means of identification such as weapon system application codes, end item application codes, reparability codes, shelf-life type and design authority details, etc.

Some obsolete, excess or surplus items are also held for a certain time, prior to sale, disposal or other action in accordance with a stock purification procedure.

Detailed catalogues of stocked items, such as Weapon and Electronic System Stock Lists (WSSL / ESSL), are published on an annual basis.

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