Random Brokerage

Customers may request NSPA to procure materiel or equipment which is not supported through one of the established Support Partnerships or Support Conferences. These requests are handled by the Random Brokerage service.

This service makes extensive use of NSPA’s Source File to identify potential sources of supply. This file contains about 10,000 active and reliable procurement sources in NSPO countries.

When a request is received at NSPA, appropriate sources are selected and an international competitive bidding process is initiated. The best offer is selected and submitted to the customer for approval. After this approval, NSPA issues a contract to the selected bidder, arranges for transportation according to the customer’s needs and administers this contract until the goods are delivered and payment is made.

Materiel and equipment supplied through the Random Brokerage service varies greatly. Recent examples include aircraft spares, night sights, telescopes, medical equipment, satellite and cellular phones, computers, parachutes, tyres and other vehicle spares, radio transmitters and receivers, photocopying machines and various raw materials.

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