The Total Item Record for the NATO Codification System represents one of the largest materiel inventory database in the world.

This database is presented in the multi-lingual NMCRL and is available on a subscription basis from the NATO Support Agency (NSPA) in DVD and Web-based formats.

The NMCRL is valuable to any civilian company wishing to do business with any of the Armed Forces of the NATO nations. This product is also of interest to NATO and non-NATO countries around the world when they do business with NATO countries or non-NATO countries that are sponsored in the NATO Codification System.

The NMCRL database includes:

  • 17 million NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) for Items of Supply
  • 35 million Manufacturers’ References for Items of Production
  • 2.4 million Manufacturers and Defence Suppliers (NCAGE codes, names and addresses)
  • 27 million User registrations
  • 10 million NSNs with Technical Characteristics Data display
  • 9 million NSNs with Custom Codes display (HS & Schedule B)
  • 13 million NSNs with CPV Codes display

NMCRL-DVD product is updated and distributed on a bi-monthly basis. The NMCRL-WEB online application is updated on a weekly basis.

You can consult the Subscription Terms & Conditions and, if interested, complete an online Subscription Form.

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