NDSS Support Services

NSPA is the designated System Support Center (SSC) for the NATO Depot & Support System (NDSS), which is an Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) tool, designed, developed, enhanced and supported by NSPA.

NDSS is utilized throughout NATO at static HQs and Logistics Depots, as well as in support of In-Theatre Operations, NATO Missions and Exercises by more than 58 NATO entities in more than 28 different geographical locations.

NDSS covers a wide range of Logistics Support areas, such as Item Management, Supply, Maintenance, Motorpool Fleet Management and Property Accounting.

NDSS is highly scalable and can be operated in a wide variety of configurations ranging from stand-alone workstations or laptops to an (theoretically) unlimited number of LAN/WAN/PAN users.

NSPA provides the following Services to NDSS customers:

  • Analysis & Design of Logistics Support Concepts
  • Development and implementation of automated solutions (application software and platform)
  • Testing & Validation against user requirements
  • Customer Support (Service Desk, remote and on-site support, end-user training)
  • Technical advice/support

NSPA added-value in providing Logistics IT Services means:

  • Highly qualified workforce recruited through international competition
  • State of the art software and infrastructure components
  • 30 years of experience in providing logistics IT services to NATO users
  • In-house logistics services (contracting, transportation)
  • ITIL IT Service Management based processes
  • ISO 9001 Certification

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NDSS highlights

Functional Coverage

  • Master Data & Parameter Maintenance
    • Unique Item Identifier (UID) based on ISO/IEC 15434
    • Barcode Support
  • Supply
    • Customer Requisition processing
    • Receipt & Dispatch management
    • Repairable Exchange (RX)
    • Shipping manifest
    • Consignment Tracking (based on RFID)
    • Warehouse management
    • Inventory taking (Warehouse)
    • Inventory reporting (IPSAS 12)
    • Stock management
    • Buy Recommend List
    • Basic Procurement and contracting functions
    • Bench Stock management
    • Auditable trace of all movements
  • Maintenance
    • Workshop management
    • Work order management
    • Resource consumption tracking
    • Status recording and monitoring
    • Supports failure analysis
    • Supports maintenance cost analysis
    • Seamless integration with Supply
  • Property Accounting & Asset Management
    • Manage authorized, allocated and on-hand quantities of accountable materiel
    • Inventory taking
    • On-line inquiry by item or custodian
    • Visibility of operational assets to commanders
    • Balance lists for annual inventory
    • Recording and settlement of discrepancies
    • Combining assets (hierarchical breakdown)
    • Asset Tracking
    • Compliant with AD 60-80
    • Auditable trace of all movements
    • Seamless integration with Supply
  • Motor Transport Management
    • Record vehicles, along with their running costs and characteristics
    • Record vehicle accident information (Expenditure Limit) as an aid to determining if repair is economical
    • Allow to attach photographs and link PDF documents to vehicles
    • Exchange information between SHAPE J4 and fleet managers in HQ Units
    • Fully integrated with Master Data and Parameter Maintenance systems
  • Global Management Tools
    • Two-Level – Multi-Site support: Centralized management / visibility and distributed execution
    • Global visibility
    • Global stock management feature
    • Supporting centrally & locally managed systems


NDSS interfaces with other major NATO ERP systems and logistics management tools:

  • SAP @ NSPA: Centralized procurement functions are executed via an automated interface between the Central NDSS (CNDSS) and SAP at NSPA
  • NATO Financial Services: Local procurement functions are carried out via an automated interface between NDSS and the respective financial system CNAFS and FinS (former NAFS)
  • NCTC: Consignment tracking via the RFID supported Interim Consignment Tracking Capability (ICTC)

NDSS Implementation Options

NDSS is highly scalable can be implemented on a large variety of platforms:

  • Stand-alone: On a single workstation or laptop e.g. in support of NATO expeditionary or exercise missions
  • LAN: From single workstation or laptop to (theoretically) unlimited number of LAN/WAN users with full functional coverage
  • PAN: As a Functional Service on NATO Public Access Network (PAN - NU) with full functional coverage
  • Web Portal: Selected functions available through the NDSS Web Portal
    • Submit customer requisitions
    • Select items from pictured catalogue
    • Approval hierarchy (optional)
    • Initiate Repair-Exchange process
    • View requisition status
    • View Property Accounting records
    • Connected to parent NDSS (via WAN)

Customer Support

NDSS Service Desk

  • Hot line support (for blocking problems)
  • Integrated Ticketing System
  • Remote Support
  • On-site Support

End-User Training

  • e-learning courses
  • Instructor Lead Classroom Courses
  • Tailored Classroom Courses
  • On-site On-the-Job Training

NDSS Infoboard

  • Website for NDSS user information
ISO 9011