A NATO AWACS undergoing maintenance. Photo: NSPA

NSPA performs a range of maintenance services for its customers.

Most of these are provided through contracts which NSPA procurement personnel place with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or OEM-licensed contractors. In all instances, NSPA administers the contracts and monitors the quality of the work performed, according to the requirements expressed by the customers.

In anticipation of the competitive bidding process that will lead to the establishment of a contract, NSPA identifies reliable sources of repair (SORs).

Once a contract is in place, NSPA's specialists may visit the SORs to monitor their performance and to check on quality.

NSPA can also arrange for transportation of equipment between customers' facilities and repair locations.

In certain cases, maintenance work is also undertaken in the NSPA Workshops and Laboratories. NSPA capabilities include Depot Level Maintenance (DLM), component repairs, calibration and other maintenance-related services at forward deployment locations. On-site maintenance can involve NSPA technicians visiting NATO customers within or outside of NATO area to maintain radar, missile or communication systems.

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