Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs)

Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs) are documents, books and manuals that are provided in a format that is optimized for manipulation and display on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

NSPA has produced an IETP browser that is capable of displaying and manipulating documentation from a wide range of formats; including well-formed XML, proprietary sources, NOMAD, and all versions of the S1000D specification (International Specification for Technical Publications). Many manuals from different sources, and in many formats, can be stored and viewed on one device. The output appearance is consistent for all manuals.

The browser comes in two versions:

  • A Touch version is for use with tablets and other touch screen devices and is the preferred option for technicians and operators actually maintaining and using equipment.
  • A Desktop version for use with desktop and laptop PCs. This best suited to the office environment for managing maintenance and logistic operations.

For further information please contact :

ISO 9011