A NSPA technician repairing equipment in the workshops at NSPA, Capellen. Photo: NSPA

Through its engineering services, NSPA can assist in the establishment of technical specifications and logistics requirements for equipment, participate in design reviews and tests, assess problems and evaluate system performance at any point in the life of a piece of equipment and advise on the phasing out of equipment or systems. Specific engineering services include:

  • evaluating unsatisfactory equipment reports (UERs) and Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs);
  • improving maintenance procedures through modifications and other means as applicable;
  • proposing and designing modifications or Equipment Changes (ECs) with a view to resolving problems, improving unsatisfactory features, improving performance, extending equipment life, etc.;
  • monitoring life cycle performance and proposing improvements throughout the life of the equipment supported;
  • for older equipment, examining the feasibility of extending the use of end items, major assemblies or subassemblies (excess / surplus / redeployment) or organizing their final disposal.

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