2nd NSPA Industry Day - NATO Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC) - 5th November 2018 - Capellen, G.D. Luxembourg


Industry participation is crucial to the success of AFSC Concept Stage as NATO Allies define options for future surveillance and control capabilities. NSPA held the first AFSC Industry Day on 10th April 2018 in Capellen, where approximately 80 companies from 20 different nations received information on the AFSC project and NSPA’s plans for future industry involvement starting from 2019.

NSPA, as Host Nation for the Concept Stage, will work with industry to develop the initial concepts and feasibility studies for AFSC. The Agency is committed to engaging industry early in the process and bring industry perspectives into the development of future surveillance and control capabilities.


The 2nd AFSC Industry Day will provide participating industry representatives with further information and an update on the AFSC project as it reaches the end of its first phase focusing on high-level requirements and architectures. Additionally, the Industry Day will allow companies to meet the Agency staff and other industry participants who will contribute to the future development of AFSC capabilities.

Please note that this event is neither a pre-qualification nor a solicitation conference. Besides informing industry of the ongoing AFSC project activities, it is also an invitation to industry to help shape the way ahead.

NSPA Industry Day on Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC)
5th November 2018


To participate you must be registered.If you wish to register for this conference, please send an email with the registration form to afsc_industry_day@nspa.nato.int not later than 5th October. An official confirmation with the agenda will be sent to you thereafter when the registration is accepted.

Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC)

The Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) has been NATO’s key surveillance and control asset since 1980s. It is currently planned that the NATO’s AWACS fleet will retire in 2035 after 50 years of service. To plan for the required follow-on capability, in 2016 Summit in Warsaw, NATO launched Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC) specifically to develop options for future NATO surveillance and control capabilities.

In February 2017, the North Atlantic Council initiated AFSC Concept Stage with NSPA as the lead NATO agency to conduct studies and develop technical concepts. These studies will help inform future decisions by NATO, individual nations or multinational groups to acquire new systems in time before the AWACS fleet retirement.

NSPA has formed the AFSC Project Office to manage the AFSC Concept Stage activities in collaboration with other NATO bodies, the nations and industry.

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