Logistics Documentation Support

NSPA manages the logistics documentation for a number of equipments and weapon systems. The documentation ranges from basic user manuals to complex technical data packages.

Management activities involve issuing copies of master documents from the central library, keeping manuals up-to-date to reflect configuration management activities performed regarding the equipment, or producing Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs). All this requires the input of specialists, including engineers, technicians, logisticians, librarians, technical writers and editors working in the Programme Offices. NSPA also provides regular information bulletins containing details of forthcoming equipment modifications and kits.

As part of its documentation management activities, NSPA distributes complete documents and relevant updates to users, tailored to their profiles and particular needs, in various maintenance sites throughout NATO.

For further information, contact the Programme Office responsible for the system in which you are interested. For a general query, contact the .

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