Logistics Operations

The purpose of NSPA’s Logistics Operations is not only to deliver traditional in-service logistics support for weapon systems, but also to provide logistics services in a broader context, including support to NATO and the nations as a logistics integrator for multinational initiatives in direct support of deployed troops.

Logistics Operations provides cooperative logistics services to its customers – the NATO nations and other NATO bodies – underpinned by three basic principles: consolidation, centralization and competition.

Consolidation. Consolidation of logistics requirements expressed by two or more customers. The consolidation of requirements means larger quantities can be ordered, resulting in economies of scale.

Centralization. By placing their requirements with Logistics Operations, customers have the added advantage of addressing a single entity rather than having to deal with a multitude of suppliers and service providers.

Competition. International competitive bidding ensures that our customers obtain the best quality at the lowest prices.

The NSPA’s Logistics Operations’ 9 Programme Offices are providing support to its customers through various Support Partnerships and other legal frameworks.
Around 750 logisticians, engineers and technicians are a de facto extension of national and multinational logistics capabilities consistently striving to ensure that its customers receive the support they need to sustain their forces' state of readiness. We are the NATO logistics provider of choice offering the full range of logistics support.

Leaflets Logistics Operations

Ammunition Support
Calibration service
Dismounted Soldier Equipment
Electronic Nato Ammunition DataBase
Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Services
Support to Navies
Force Protection Activities
RADAR System Performance Check
NDSS Support Services
Support for NATO CIS
Operational Logistics Support Partnership
ISAF Redeployment Support Capabilities
Multimodal Transportation Capabilities
Warehousing Capabilities
Demilitarization, Dismantling, Disposal (D3)
Capability Packages
ISO 9011