Protected Reconnaissance Vehicle (PRV)

Protected Reconnaissance Vehicle

Protected Reconnaissance Vehicle

The PRV is a heavily-armored military infantry mobility vehicle designed to withstand land mines, rifle fire, artillery fragments and NBC threats

The PRV system is intended to provide a full reconnaissance capability for the Luxembourg army, with a view to detecting, identifying and localizing potential threats or enemies (by day and by night), gathering just in-time data for situational awareness, sharing information with other operational uniting and accelerating decision-taking to support action.

The PRV system works as Reconnaissance (RECCE) units.The PRV system is based on the KMW Dingo II chassis, "company (Cie) racks", and a stand-alone computer for the mission preparation phase.

The PRVs and company racks are linked by voice and data radio connections allowing the information exchange during missions.

The PRV is supported by NSPA in the following areas:

  • Supply
  • Procurement
  • Maintenance
  • Technical/engineering services
  • Technical training
  • On-site support

NSPA does not stock weapon systems or ammunition in any of its facilities.

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