The Heron Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is an operational fourth generation Medium-Altitude, Long-Endurance (MALE) system based on leading-edge technology with new fully automatic take-off and landing features.

It provides deep-penetration, wide-area, real-time intelligence to national agencies, theater commanders and operational echelons.

The Heron provides ample modular space (up to 250 kg) for customer-furnished equipment, is interoperable with other MALAT UAV systems and has demonstrated 52 hours of continuous flight.

The Heron is supported by NSPA in the following areas:

  • Information exchange
  • Supply

NSPA is ready to undertake further logistic support tasks to include Technical Support, Publications and Maintenance / Upgrades as required by the user Nations.

NSPA does not stock weapon systems or ammunition in any of its facilities.

For further information please contact :

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