Cryptographic Equipment

A full duplex key generator providing cryptographic security - Photos: NSPA

The TCE 500/B is a narrow-band crypto terminal for secure voice and data communication providing end-to-end encryption between users in any type of telephone network - Photos: NSPA

NSPA provides follow-on logistic support for NATO funded and non-NATO funded communication and information systems. These include NATO Cryptographic equipment under the supervision / control of Infosec Command / NCIA.

The services provided by NSPA cover:

  • Supply from central and distributed stocks
  • Centralised / consolidated procurement of parts
  • Direct Exchange (DX)
  • Depot Level Maintenance (DLM)
  • Disposal
  • Transportation (secure)

NSPA does not stock weapon systems or ammunition in any of its facilities.

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The TCE 621 is used for encryption of data over Internet Protocol networks - Photos: NSPA

CM109 equipment - Photos: NSPA

ISO 9011