Planning and Management of Contracting

A NSPA technician seen assisting military personnel of the German and Netherlands Armed Forces, to calibrate a TOW weapon system in Afghanistan. Photo: NSPA

NSPA provides support for NATO and national operations and deploys Agency personnel to areas outside of NATO for NAC approved operations. These are known as contingency operations.

NSPA does not limit its out-of area support to contracting. It also deploys technical personnel to perform functions such as the maintenance of radar, missile or communications systems, on a case-by-case basis.

Contingency contracting support is provided by various means:

  • NSPA officers deployed on long term assignments, normally to NATO Joint Task Force HQ, the Joint Logistics Support Group and/or national headquarters;
  • Short term / ad hoc support to deployed forces in-theatre;
  • Remote guidance and support through the NSPA.

During NATO nations’ involvement in the Balkans (IFOR, SFOR, KFOR), Afghanistan (RSM) and elsewhere, a variety of goods and services has been provided, either by NSPA in-house staff or through contracts, let by NSPA, including:

  • Turn-key construction of containerized and hard structure facilities;
  • Camp services, including maintenance, catering and laundry;
  • Fuel Supply;
  • Property leases, office and IT equipment;
  • Food supply;
  • De-mining and force protection;
  • Engineering works, such as the repair and renovation of roads, bridges and railways, snow and ice clearance and the construction of air and seaports.

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