A military mission

  • To satisfy the operational requirements during peace, crisis and war for the transport, storage and delivery of fuel in the European Central Region.

The CEPS was originally created in the 1950s and was historically used for military operations based in the Central Europe theatre. However, since 1990, the System has been used to support out-of-area operations to include NATO operations in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya and Afghanistan.

2011 was marked by NATO's commitment to Libya. The CEPS demonstrated once more its reliability as a key logistics asset in support of NATO operations. Deliveries to Istres Airbase were increased in support of the French Forces involved in Operation Unified Protector. Concerning the ongoing NATO operation in Afghanistan, the CEPS provided fuel for over 1,726 NATO strategic lift flights (C-17 and C-5 aircraft) used to transport over 45,666 metric tons of cargo.

Ammunition, food and petroleum are the three most important requirements for the military. In the domain of petroleum, the CEPS Programme is a reliable and flexible partner for its customers.

A fully integrated activity

  • An exceptional transport infrastructure is made available to non-military users.
  • Operating principles ensure that priority is given to military traffic, when necessary.
  • Is vital for training the personnel and maintaining a fully operational System.

During non-crisis/peacetime periods, substantial transport capacity and some storage capacity is available within the System. Per NATO Council approval, the peacetime capacity has been made available to the civil market with significant benefit in that continual and full use of the System assures good operations, results in well-trained and proficient system operators. In providing non-military services, the military priority is always assured through the use of a military priority clause in all non-military contracts.

In fact, the CEPS is the only NATO Programme that combines military and non-military logistics services and provides a very important NATO military capability.