Services Offered

Transport: 5314 km of pipeline, around the clock operations

  • Diesel, gasoline, domestic fuel, naphtha: point-to-point transport.
  • Aviation fuel: banking system, storage and transport.

Specifications for both civil and military aviation fuel are unified permitting storage and transport of only one type of aviation fuel, namely JET A1. Once a client enters fuel into the network, delivery can begin almost immediately at any off take point (banking system).

The CEPS transports the equivalent of approximately 1100 trucks on the roads, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year over an average distance of 385 km. Use of the pipeline system in densely populated areas frees up local roads without polluting the environment.

Storage: A capacity of over 1 million m3

  • In 29 CEPS depots and 6 depots for non-military use which are operated by the CEPS. Most depots are equipped with truck/rail loading stations.

Quality Control

  • Product analysis is carried out systematically at entry and delivery points. Samples are also retrieved and controlled during transport and storage.
  • Means: modern, internationally certified laboratories, standard methods and testing equipment.
  • Highly qualified and experienced laboratory technicians.

Environmental Safety

  • Buried underground, pipelines are well concealed in the surrounding countryside.
  • Systematic external control is conducted by aerial and ground inspections. Internal maintenance by scraping and control of the system by instrumented pigging.