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Our SOC team in Taranto got certified in ISO 45001!

21 October 2019
This certification is an international standard that helps organisations improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better safer working conditions.


NSPA supports firefighting in Greece

08 October 2019
Greece has been repetitively affected by wildfires in the last years. The heat waves, together with the low relative humidity and strong winds resulted in forest fires breaking out. In order to help protecting the people, landscapes and natural resources of the Mediterranean country, NSPA, as requested by the Greek Authorities, is providing substantial vertical aerial support to the Hellenic Fire Brigade.


Official inauguration of SALIS Base-of-Operations on September 2019

07 October 2019
On 12 September 2019, NSPA and SALIS (Strategic Airlift International Solution) member nations gathered at the Antonov Logistics SALIS (ALS) facilities at the Leipzig/Halle airport to mark the event of reaching the “full operational capability” of the SALIS Base-Of-Operations. This flight base supports the operations and maintenance of 2 x AN-124 aircraft used for NATO/EU and national missions for the SALIS project.


Official Opening Ceremony for Pediatrics & Women’s Wellness Centre (PWWC) in Afghanistan

07 October 2019
In June 2019, NSPA’s Construction Branch completed the construction project of the Pediatrics & Women’s Wellness Centre (PWWC). The PWWC is located inside the Kabul National Military Hospital compound in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Sweden participates in NSPO PATRIOT Support Partnership

30 September 2019
The PATRIOT Support Partnership (SP) is growing. This month Sweden, joined the PATRIOT Support Partnership (SP) as an associate state. Our General Manager, Mr Peter Dohmen, countersigned the Cooperation Agreement with Sweden’s Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). Following Poland, Sweden is the second nation to join the SP  this year.