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Delivery of Lithuanian Armed Forces Containerized Camp Facilities

18 October 2018
In early October, the Southern Operations Centre team successfully delivered new containerized facilities for the Lithuanian Armed Forces.  This package consisted of kitchen modules, showers, toilets and washbasins, laundry and wastewater containers, and power generation, for a thousand-man camp.


GM visits French Military Authorities

18 October 2018
Monday 15 October, NSPA General manager, Mr. Peter DOHMEN  and Director of Procurement, Mr. Patrick FESQUET met with French Deputy Chief of Defence, Admiral Jean CASABIANCA and all directors of Maintenance and support services Forces.


The Ammunition Support Partnership Committee celebrates its 25 years of existence

11 October 2018
Back in 1993, this Partnership had initially been founded to ensure that the participating NATO nations would have a permanent ready-to-use stockpile of 155mm howitzer ammunition. After 25 years, things have changed dramatically.


Contract Award for the Modernization of IADS Air Surveillance Sensors

10 October 2018
NSPA has awarded Lockheed Martin Global Inc. a 22 MUSD contract for the upgrade of the Iceland Air Defence System (IADS) AN/FPS-117 Long Range Air Surveillance Radars.


Emergency Response Exercise at Pápa

06 October 2018
On Wednesday 03 October 2018, the Strategic Airlift capability (SAC) successfully conducted a combined large scale Emergency Response Exercise (ERE) at Papa Air Base (PAB), Hungary.