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NSPA opens its new gate, delivering improved security and safety

09 August 2018
The opening of the new gate finishes a project that started in 2014 with the requirement definition to improve the access to the NSPA premises in Capellen. After approval and budget allocation actual construction work on the project started in June 2017 and was completed just over a year later in July 2018. Key to success was the excellent coordination between Luxembourg government agencies, construction and security companies and the Agency as the future operator of this security capability.


Luxembourg Defence acquires two Airbus H145M multi-role helicopters through NSPA.

30 July 2018
Luxembourg having joined the Helicopter Support Partnership in early 2018, NSPA has conducted the acquisition process for two helicopters, in close cooperation with the Defence Directorate and Police Lëtzebuerg. NSPA will also be called upon for the negotiation of a service contract to support an initial phase of the helicopter operations, the stand-up of an air component within the Army and the constitution of a dual-use Government air hub at Findel in line with the objectives set in the Luxembourg Defence Policy Guidelines for 2025 and Beyond.


Increase in operational airlift capability for the Afghan Air Force

30 July 2018
Kabul Airport, inside the massive silhouette of the Antonov 124 three fully refurbished Mi-17 helicopters for the Afghan Air Force (AAF).


NSPA Strategic Aeromedical Evacuation capability executed for the very first time in support of the Greek Army

23 July 2018
Mid July 2018, the operational logistics support partnership’s (OLSP) Strategic Aeromedical Evacuation (Strat AE) capability successfully transported a Greek Army patient from Thessaloniki, Greece to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota USA.


New passenger terminal and tower for the Camp RS Helicopter Landing Zone

16 July 2018
NSPA Director Support to Operations, Mr Orhan MURATLI and the NSPA Director for Procurement, Mr Patrick FESQUET, both attended during their visit at Resolute Support Headquarters (RS HQ) at Kabul the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to inaugurate the newly constructed passenger terminal and tower for the Camp RS Helicopter Landing Zone. This project was accomplished rapidly by NSPA Engineers, due to the significant increase of helicopter flights at RS HQ which made the previous provisional arrangements untenable. The ribbon was cut by RS HQ COS, LtGen Alfons MAIS, DCOS SPT, MajGen Massimo Panizzi, and NSPA Director Support to Operations, Orhan Muratli.