Visit to Slovenian Ministry of Defense

23 October 2012

On 3 and 4 October, the NSPA General Manager Mr. Mike LYDEN visited the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia. He was accompanied by Mr. Patrick FESQUET the Director of Procurement of the NSPA.

They met with Mr. Peter STAVANJA, the State Secretary of the Slovenian Ministry of Defence. Mrs Simona MUNDA (Defense Advisor), Mr Gorazd VIDRIH (Logistics Directorate), and Dr. Alenka TEMELJOTOV SALAJ (Director General for Logistics) participated in the discussions that covered the involvement of Slovenian industry in NSPA’s contract activities as well as the participation of Slovenia in several of the Agency’s partnerships and committees.

Another meeting with Ambassador Dr. Stanislav RAŠČAN (Director-General for Economic Diplomacy) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs focused on the economic aspects of the cooperation between Slovenia and NATO and the potential to expand it.

The meeting was complemented by interviews with the Slovenian press and television where the General Manager emphasized the strong partnership with Slovenia and the associated advantages for their economy. The final event was a seminar on "Doing Business with NATO" where over 100 attendees from Slovenia private companies participated in an overview of what the Agency procures and how to become involved in the process.