Visit of Doctor Erika ANTAL, NATO Investment Committee Chairperson

23 August 2012

On Thursday, 23 August 2012, the NSPA General Manager, Mr Mike Lyden, hosted the visit of the NATO Investment Committee Chairperson, Dr Erika Antal.

The Investment Committee is responsible to the Resource Policy and Planning Board for the implementation of the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP). The NSIP finances the provision of the installations and facilities needed to support the roles of the two strategic commands – Allied Command Operations and Allied Command Transformation - recognized as exceeding the national defence requirements of individual member countries.

In order to pursue her business as a chairperson she is responsible for the control of projects, taking into account financial, economical and political aspects and grants authorizations to Host Nations to commit funds for such projects. Moreover she manages the programme from a financial point of view within the overall limits set by the SRB (Senior Resource Board) and calls forward payments from contributing nations in accordance with approved expenditure forecasts.

Her visit focused on progress made with Investment Committee projects and their respective status. An overview of logistics operations was given as well as a preview of the NSPA briefing to be given to Investment Committee. Dr Erika Antal is the Deputy Head of economic section of Hungarian Ministry of Defence and she is responsible for setting budgetary and procurement regulations and giving economic advice.