COVID-19: NSPA continues to provide fuel supply to KFOR operations, implementing preventive measures to protect the troops

10 June 2020

Kosovo Force (KFOR) troops remain ready amid COVID-19 emergency and continue contributing to a safe and secure environment in Kosovo. Similarly, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) continues to provide fuel support to KFOR operations, assuring protective and preventive measures for its soldiers, personnel and communities.

Since the beginning of the crisis, NSPA, through its fuel contractor, ExFis, has contributed to sanitize all equipment, offices, trucks, retails stations, working points at Camp Bondsteel (CBS) and Camp Novo Selo (CNS), as well as fuel depots and installations at the KFOR Airport of Debarkation/Disembarkation in Pristina. “NSPA, together with ExFis, have been providing fuel support to the mission for 10 years now (for five years at Camp Bondsteel). When the pandemic started, we were able to anticipate and help mitigate risks. For example, ExFis disinfected all the equipment and the U.S. customers’ vehicles on base every time their refuelled, free of charge. Fuel supply never stopped, assuring medical resupply and medical evacuation flights capabilities for the mission”, explains Sorin Maruntelu, NSPA Fuel Technical Expert in KFOR.

NSPA’s fuel services at Camp Bondsteel include refuelling in more than 190 sites (located both on and off camp), flight-line refuelling of helicopters, management of a bulk storage facility and operation of the camp petrol station. The fuel services at Camp Bondsteel represent the largest NATO fuel operation in the Balkans and employ more than 40 local nationals.

"Their commitment to Kosovo as well as the KFOR mission, the U.S and our NATO partners over the last 10 years with bulk fuel, aircraft refuelling, mobile refuelling and laboratory testing, ensured that there was no degradation of service especially during COVID-19. This allowed KFOR Soldiers to continue mission. ", commented Staff Sergeant Brad, ASG Balkans, Class III POL NCOIC, Oregon Army National Guard. "Working with NSPA and EXFIS has shown me how committed they are to the prosperity of their country and people. These employees have been here since the beginning and continue to do excellent work in support of the KFOR mission", he added.

NSPA provides KFOR a variety of services to maintain their operations. This includes everything from maintaining a fuel depot and flight line refuelling, to managing the contracts to provide food, accommodation, medical services and fire protection services, amongst a wide range of other support. The Agency operates in eight locations across Kosovo and provides helicopter refuelling throughout the country upon request.

About NATO-led KFOR mission:

The Kosovo Force (KFOR) is currently deployed in the Balkans to maintain a safe and secure environment, freedom of movement for all citizens in Kosovo and to facilitate the Euro-Atlantic integration of the Western Balkans. The United Nations, the European Union and other international actors continue to support the development of a stable, democratic, multi-ethnic and peaceful Kosovo.

The mission was launched in 1999, as a peace-support operation and derives its mandate from the UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and international agreements. As of today, approximately 4,000 troops provided by 28 countries help ensure that KFOR’s objectives are met.