NSPA directs new batch of medical supplies to Spain and Norway as part of COVID-19 relief acquisitions

20 April 2020

Luxembourg, 20 April 2020 – The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) is supporting Allied nations through key COVID-19 relief acquisition and transport. More than one ton of medical supplies were delivered to Spain on Monday (20 April 2020) and about 600 kilos of supplies will reach out Norway this week.

This is the second batch of personal protective equipment (PPE) acquired and delivered by NSPA to Spain. The cargo arrived in Madrid and included surgical masks, isolation gowns and thermometers. Over 1,200 kilos of medical supplies will be further distributed to Spanish troops deployed as part of the Spanish Operation “Balmis” in response to COVID-19. A first cargo with medical assets was distributed on 4 April 2020.

Another 600 kilos airlifted from Shanghai on the same flight are currently stored in the NSPA warehouse, and will be further mobilised by the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization (NDLO) in the following days. The cargo includes masks, isolation gown, goggles and face shields, allocated to the Norwegian Armed Forces supporting efforts to fight COVID-19 on the front line. This is the second portion of a larger procurement initially delivered on 4 April 2020.

Medical supplies stored at NSPA Warehouse

Nations requested the material through the NATO Logistics Stock Exchange (NLSE), a cooperative logistics mechanism developed by NSPA to assist nations and suppliers on item acquisition and management. NSPA procured the material and airlifted the supplies from Shanghai using a commercial solution. The supplies arrived at Findel Airport (Luxembourg) on Friday, 17 April 2020, for further distribution by road transport to both nations.

The current disruptions on health supply chains, competitive high demand and restrictions in the transportation domain, are posing a refurbishment challenge for nations for much-needed medical supplies and equipment. For that reason, many nations have entrusted NSPA to manage the acquisition and transport on their behalf, getting logistic advantages and economies of scale.