NSPA completes construction of the Afghanistan Special Operations Command (ANASOC) School of Excellence

14 November 2019

Our NSPA’s Construction Branch completed the construction project of the Afghanistan Special Operations Command (ANASOC) School of Excellence.

The ANASOC School of Excellence is located at Camp Julien, Kabul, Afghanistan, and is the premier training facility for Afghan Commando and Special Forces Soldiers.

The existing Camp Julien was designated to develop the area for additional capacity. Construction of Guard towers, Classrooms, Accommodation buildings, Warehouse, Perimeter Protection were required and executed.

This was a NATO Afghan National Army Trust Fund Office (NATFO) Project and the Project Lead was Mr Ralf Grywnow, NSPA Senior Technical Officer.

Contract award took place in July 2018. Following mobilisation, site demolition works and construction works started in Oct 2018 and were completed in July 2019. The contracted works had a value of approximately 3.4 million dollars.