Luxembourg Armaments Director, Colonel Paul Nilles, visits NSPA to explore further cooperation opportunities in the medical and transportation domain

24 October 2019

Since many years, Luxembourg as the host nation has demonstrated a very close and supportive bond to the Agency. Following this line of support, Luxembourg Armaments Director, Colonel Nilles, and Luxembourgish Ministry of Defence (MoD) representatives visited the Agency on 22 October to discuss further cooperation opportunities in the medical and transportation realm.

NSPA Director of Operations, Mr Orhan Muratli, hosted the meeting and presented the MOD representatives with a number of proposals to strength existing support in a number of projects.

The Luxembourgish Ministry of Defence is currently expanding the military medical activities in the NATO domain and has recently shown a strong financial commitment in commercial solutions. The Kosovo Force (KFOR) Basic Medical Treatment facility at Camp Film City in Kosovo is a prime example of the country’s financial contribution, with an 85% of the hospital funded by Luxembourg.

In order to continue expanding the well-developed relationship and enduring cooperation between the Host Nation and NSPA, the medical team, led by Philip Choppen and Robert Balazs, briefed the MOD on future medical projects where the nation can contribute in support to the Alliance. The meeting explored the areas of common interest in pre-positioning of medical supply, financial support of operational gaps in provision of field hospitals and a possible participation in the future medical partnership framework.

Mr Frank Verdierre, NSPA Chief of Transportation took the opportunity to show Colonel Nilles and the MOD his gratitude on behalf of the Agency for this concrete support and discussed future options to access the nation capabilities for NSPA requirements.

“It was very interesting to have this exchange with NSPA, I see benefits for both parts”, assured the Colonel. This positive input from Luxembourg MOD was shared in full by NSPA team.

The Agency is fully committed continue strengthening existing ties and lifting this cooperation to further levels.