NSPA Southern Operational Centre successfully concludes Exercise Steadfast Fortitude 1-19

18 June 2019

After 12 days, exercise Steadfast Fortitude I-19 (STFE I-19), which took place in northwestern Poland, concluded on 13 June.

STFE I-19 is Allied Command Operations (ACO) driven exercise incorporated in the Capable Logistician 2019 Exercise, NATO’s largest international logistics exercise, involving 3,421 troops from 31 NATO and Partner countries and 11 organisations. Eight technicians from NSPA’s Southern Operational Centre (SOC) travelled over 3,000km with 22 containers and five special vehicles to take part in the exercise.

The main aim of the STFE I-19 exercise was to use equipment in a Real Life Support scenario. By incorporating this capability in a demanding exercise scenario, NSPA demonstrated how NATO Real Life Support assets managed and maintained by NSPA on behalf of ACO can be effectively used in an operational scenario and how smoothly they can be integrated into a complex situation. The exercise also allowed NSPA to test cooperation and coordination with Poland as the host nation and the Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLLC), who led the exercise.

The ACO Capability Package (rapidly deployable equipment which includes vehicles, personnel/ luggage scanners, incinerator and laundry services) was used to provide real life services to the exercise participants. Over the course of 22 days, the SOC technicians handled almost three tons of military clothing and burnt 12 tons of garbage using the incinerator. The personnel and vehicles scanners were used as part of the RSOM (Reception Staging Onward Movement) function conducted at the beginning of the exercise. During this phase, SOC technicians scanned all military vehicles and personnel entering the exercise environment.

During the two visitors’ days, there was significant interest in the NATO equipment exhibited by SOC Staff. The wide range of visitors from many nations and the NATO Military Authorities gave the SOC technicians the opportunity to demonstrate once again the effective and efficient use of NATO assets.