NSPA participates in European Conference of Defence and the Environment

05 June 2019

In May, NSPA presented their latest sustainable developments for Environmental Protection at the European Conference of Defence and the Environment (ECDE) in Stockholm, Sweden, which is organised by the Swedish Defence Sector.

NSPA’s Support to Operations team currently provides environmental support for a wide range of activities. These activities range from remediation services of contaminated firing ranges, harbours and seabeds, to environmental surveys and projects aimed at the dismantling, demilitarization and disposal of disused military equipment and systems in an environmentally responsible manner. 

The ECDE is Europe’s premier conference on the environmental impacts of military operations, live-fire training on military training lands and management of environmentally hazardous substances. This conference provides a forum for environmental focal points, specialists from the Ministries of Defence of EU Member States and North America, policy and decision makers, academics and public sector representatives to collectively search for innovative solutions to defence-related environmental issues. This year, the conference focused on chemical and compliance, biodiversity and noise management, climate, energy, international operations and green procurement.

NPSA is working on building solid synergies with these organisations to cooperate on realistic technological solutions, engaging all parties, and aligning actions in key areas.