Operational Logistics Support Partnership turns 10 during its 20th Committee Meeting.

15 May 2019

The Operational Logistics Support Partnership (OLSP) met for the 20th OLSP Committee Meeting and the 12th Medical Group Meeting met in late April in Eupen, Belgium at the Monumental Heritage of Kloster Hiedberg. The meeting took place during the 10th anniversary of the partnership.

“The partnership has grown considerably since inception, with the current committee standing at 24 member nations. The OLSP Committee meets twice yearly to discuss a range of Operations Support matters. The meetings offer fantastic opportunities for members to consider and implement multinational commercial solutions for common support requirements,” stated Mr Dane Tynes, Chief OLSP Office.

During the recent meeting, the topics for discussion included the extension of the Strategic Aeromedical Evacuation contract, Deployable Camp Infrastructure, Aviation Fuel Support through Global Access Services, and the recently established OLSP Global Food Services. Furthermore, new OLSP initiatives were discussed which included the OLSP Multinational Rail Transportation Services Feasibility Study and Global Fuel Services.