SOC delivers deployable facilities to the Spanish Air Force

20 March 2019

In October 2018, NSPA awarded two contracts at the request of the Spanish Air Force for deployable containerised facilities and for rapidly deployable and reusable infrastructure.

NSPA awarded a contract to Equimodal for the delivery of the containerised facilities, which consisted of manufacturing and supplying freight containers that expand to over four times their size for office space and additional containers for storage space of weapons and soldiers’ equipment. In the search for solutions to minimise the risks associated with fuel transportation, a major cause of death in deployments, the customer asked that these containers be energy efficient allowing them to reduce the amount of fuel transported into hazardous situations.

The contract for the rapidly deployable and reusable infrastructure was awarded to Gaptek, requiring them to provide a nearly 1000m2 aircraft hangar to accommodate the two newly acquired Reaper UAVs, two radar towers and two modules for office space. Furthermore, all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, furniture and power generation was included. Every structure in this project can be re-assembled by the Spanish Air Force in a deployable scenario, necessitating that all elements must be lightweight, modular and packable into freight containers for easy transport.

The delivery, commissioning and handover of both projects took place in early March this year and the Spanish Air Force expressed satisfaction with the quality received and the technical support provided by NSPA.

Rapidly deployable and reusable aircraft hangar, offices and radar towers