NSPA Hosts Spanish Industry to Further Potential Cooperation

14 March 2019

NSPA hosted Spanish industry representatives from 35 different companies for them to understand better how to do business with NSPA. His Excellency Mr Bernardo de Sicart Escoda, Ambassador of Spain to Luxembourg, opened the event alongside NSPA General Manager, Peter Dohmen.

Ambassador de Sicart Escoda highlighted the important role that Spanish industry can play in supporting NSPA’s efforts and vice versa: “The industry day for Spanish defence represents an excellent opportunity for all of us to bring together the positions and visions of the Agency and Spanish industry, resulting in a mutual and reciprocal path. NSPA can rely on our industry of defence and I encourage our industry to continue and increase trade links with NSPA.”

Mr Dohmen emphasised the importance of the relationship between industry and the NSPA as is a key facilitator for providing integrated multinational support solutions to its customers. “As a consequence of an evolving security situation, nations are re-evaluating their security policy and more investments are already happening in the defence and security realm. In light of this, NSPA’s activities are growing significantly and it is very important for us as an agency to find the best solutions in terms of effectiveness and cost for our customers, so that is why it is very important for us to work closely with industry,” said the General Manager when addressing the forum.

During the event, industry representatives were provided with information on the Agency’s procurement processes and opportunities and had an opportunity to present their business activities. Business-to-business meetings were also facilitated by the NSPA’s Procurement Directorate, who organised the event in close coordination with counterparts from the Spanish Ministry of Defence National Armaments Directorate and the Spanish Liaison Officer to the NSPA.