2nd successful Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC) Industry Day

14 November 2018

The 2nd Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC) Industry Day with the interactive engagement of more than 120 industry representatives and national delegates was recently held at NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

The Industry Day provided participating industry representatives with further information and an update on the AFSC project as it reaches the end of its first phase by the end of this year focusing on high-level requirements and architectures. Additionally, the Industry Day allowed companies to meet the AFSC management team as well as representatives from NSPA, ACT and NCIA who contribute to the future development of AFSC capabilities.

Participants commended the AFSC industry day as an excellent, proactive information and communication platform that allows a lively and engaged exchange.

NSPA is committed to continuing industry engagement in the next phases of the project.