The Ammunition Support Partnership Committee celebrates its 25 years of existence

11 October 2018

Back in 1993, this Partnership had initially been founded to ensure that the participating NATO nations would have a permanent ready-to-use stockpile of 155mm howitzer ammunition. After 25 years, things have changed dramatically.

Throughout the years of its existence, this Partnership steadily grew in many aspects. Indeed, today the Partnership is serving 26 nations, which is the double of the number of nations which initially joined in 1993. From a financial perspective, from an approximate 30 million EUR of annual turn-over, the Partnership developed to hit the all-time record last year with more than half a billion Euros!

Last not least, today the Ammunition Section has a wide variety of knowledge and experience all across the ammunition spectrum (Army, Navy or Air Force), always striving to better serve our member nations. Until recently, the focus was on nations and trying to consolidate their requirements on a voluntary basis. The hope for the near future is to provide a more efficient service, in line with NATO requirements, by supporting the efforts of the NATO Smart Defence Initiatives, notably PGM (air-delivered Precision Guided Munitions), LBDM (Land Battle Decisive Munitions) & MBDM (Maritime Battle Decisive Munitions). Furthermore, the Ammunition Section is now in close cooperation with NATO ACT and SPC (Stockpile Planning Committee) to provide streamlined solutions for all NATO nations and beyond.